The Peppermint Apartment

A bold colour choice for a creative client in a small apartment in Morzine. The perfect colour for a space flooded with natural light and lots of pastel calming tones.




Morzine, Haute Savoie


Green, Grey, White, Blue


Painted MDF, Microcement, Ceramic, Wood

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This kitchen was for a small apartment based on the sunny side of Morzine; the room itself is open plan and the client wanted to integrate the kitchen into the space as much as possible; keeping intrusion to a minimum. The oven fitted under the stairs meant saving on room for the living space.

The island with downward draft hob allows for a communal cooking experience; the breakfast bar overhang means that people can sit and chat whilst food is being prepared and really opens up the room. The hideaway corner means that utensils and kitchen equipment can be hidden when not in use, to create a clean and empty workspace to add to that airy feeling.

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The kitchen doors are painted a very light peppermint blue-green colour; we love creating kitchens with a difference, and this client was particularly bold. Combining the colour of the cabinetry with the light grey of the worktop and creamy grey tiles ensured that this space stayed light and airy.

Old wood cladding on either end of the island adds in a little bit of a chalet feel, the grey stone tile floor compliments the worktop and the chrome of the sink and tap really ties the whole space together.

Appliances included in the design are all Bosch; dishwasher, fridge/freezer, oven, microwave, and hob with integrated extractor - this extraction system recycles back into the room, which is perfect for well ventilated spaces. It also means no ceiling island extractor is required, which again adds to the feeling of height in the room.

The unique tiles add to the overall quirkiness of this kitchen, as well as ensuring the space was light and bright. A mezzanine had been built over the kitchen and the project manager was concerned it may make the space seem small; lights under the cabinetry and spots in the ceiling (as opposed to intrusive pendant lights) mean this peppermint kitchen kept the impression of being in a large room with high ceilings. Clever usage of the spaces under the stair treads by the project manager meant that this kitchen, although small, utilises every last bit of storage available.

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