The Alpine Interior

We worked with a local property developer and designer on the furnishing refit for a luxury chalet based in Morzine. The work included built-in wardrobes, a dressing table, fireplace shelving unit, and a kitchen and laundry units. The overall look of the chalet was very light and airy (floor to ceiling windows looking out over Pleney), and the materials used reflect this.




Morzine, Haute Savoie


Graphite, Grey, Black, Wood


Melamine, Wood, Compact

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We worked on a large amount of the interior fitted furniture in this property; we worked with the developer and designer to ensure that the rooms flowed, the styles matched and complimented the overall look and feel of the property. The wardrobes that were fitted in all of the main rooms throughout this property were made from a variety of different colours. They were designed to compliment the interior colours; we sprayed all the internal doors a dark anthracite grey and so many of the colours used were variants of this.

The interior of the chalet itself is very modern; glass ballustrade stair cases, brushed wood interiors and floor to ceiling windows in most rooms (the chalet itself is built into the hill in a step formation.)

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Full Interior Refit


This kitchen had everything; from an American fridge freezer to a hob with downward extraction, wine fridge, double oven and two separate sinks - we made maximum use of the space, splitting the cleaning and washing up area into an alcove away from the island and peninsula. The Zimbabwean Black Granite worktop with engraved draining board and matching window sill, really topped off this kitchen.

Bedroom 1

This bedroom was on the ground floor - we used a light grey door colour (gris cachemire) and a Noir Absolu Compact worktop. The furniture comprised of drawers and a wardrobe with hanging space and shelves - the drawers were push to open to have minimal interference into the room.

Bedroom 2

This bedroom had an ensuite behind the bedhead; the wardrobes were constructed either side of the ensuite door - they were made from a gris anthracite to match the door colour. They were push to open doors and the internals comprised of shelving and rails - one side had a removable manifold and both sides had lights build into the wardrobes.

Bedroom 3

We designed a bespoke open shelving unit for this room; the room itself is fairly small so the open shelving unit didn't encroach too much into the overall feel of the room; we used Lin Anthracite by Egger which has a textured linen finish which gave. avery luxurious feel.

Bedroom 4

The wardrobes were built around the beams, cut to size on site to ensure that the fit was completely perfect. The colour chosen for the frontage was Gris Cachemire; the room itself had vaulted ceilings with floor to ceiling windows so the gris cachemire was an excellent choice to add to the overall brightness of the room. A matching dressing table was also fitted into an alcove in the room to make maximum use of the space.


We used the gris macadam in the laundry for the doors (these complimented the appliances and the sink), the worktop was a polyrey 12.5mm compact in a Gris Caldeira finish. The room itself is built into the hill with no natural light, the lighter grey and LEDs built into the under cabinets made this a very sleek addition to the house.


We sprayed, cut and fitted a bespoke fireplace storage unit either side of the display fireplace - this was for log storage as well as a display unit; lights ran up either side of the unit (two storeys high into the vaulted roof). The room the fireplace is in is the size of one floor; there are floor to ceiling windows on the front of this room, the kitchen is set behind and the living and dining area looks out over Morzine; this fireplace storage really complimented the room, adding to the wow factor.

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Alpine Kitchens: Kitchen Designed and Made In Morzine.