Black Beauty

This gorgeous midnight blue kitchen is situated in a stunning property in Cote D'abroz; with floor to ceiling windows with breathtaking views, we didn't have to worry about the kitchen being too dark. The drama of the worktop combined with the beautiful midnight blue fronts and the soft baby pink accents makes for a statement kitchen in the open plan living space.




Cote d'arbroz, Haute Savoie


Blue, Black, White


Melamine, Granite, Steel

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The colours used in this project were very dark; this was mainly so as to make the kitchen a statement piece in an otherwise very light room; double height floor to ceiling windows are on two sides of the room, and although the kitchen itself sits under a mezzanine, the sheer size of the room means that it was possible to opt for something that was quite dark and dramatic.

The polished worktop with white veinage helps lift the overall colour and creates quite an impact. The client wished to personalise the kitchen with their own additional decorations; their favourite colour is pink and the pink and navy accents across the room tie together.

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Whilst designing this kitchen the main part of the brief was creating a statement island; the polished Sensa granite worktop with breakfast bar overhang really ensured this was achieved. The polished look of the worktop in general adds a touch of glamour to this mountain side home, without looking out of place.

The kitchen is a handle-less rail kitchen; the handles are set back within the units which allows for a sleek flat panel look without the need for push to open mechanisms. This is a great way to achieve a modern and sleek look. The black pendant lights hanging over the island give a slightly industrial feel whilst also lightening the space.

The kitchen itself includes the standard Bosch appliances of dishwasher, hob, oven, as well as a microwave hidden in the kitchen side of the island. The black appliances match the black glass used behind the hob as a splashback. The black tap and sink (undermounted) makes the worktop seem spacious, whilst the engraved drainer really adds to the luxury feel of the kitchen.

There is plenty of storage space in the kitchen with a full height larder unit, and open shelving in the island to display crockery with easy access. An oil drawer next to the hob and built in bin drawer with recycling bin makes the kitchen a minimalist space.

The breakfast bar overhang has lights underneath which also adds to the drama of the island; these really light up the kitchen area around the pillar and shows off the stone well. The island is large and has no appliances on the worktop (hob or sink) which adds to the feeling of spaciousness across the whole room.

The door fronts are painted melamine, a great way to ensure you get the perfect colour for your home. The worktop is a Sensa treated granite which does not need to be treated for 15 years; a quality but luxurious product. The appliances are Bosch and the sink and tap are Franke.

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